A Hub of Innovation

At PT. Mutu Gading Tekstil, we've harnessed the power of technology to produce functional, innovative, and high value-added yarn products. Our twisting, cabling, and heat-setting processes represent the pinnacle of textile innovation. These processes enable us to craft a diverse range of yarns, particularly tailored for carpet applications.

A Focus on Research & Development

Quality is our guiding principle, and we invest heavily in our Research & Development department. This commitment allows us to continually enhance production capacity and develop cutting-edge products for both international and domestic markets. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, developing environmentally friendly products such as recycled and biodegradable yarns.

Applications that Shine

Our twisting technology finds its way into a multitude of applications, each shining in its own right:

  • Tufting Carpets/Rugs: Our yarns form the foundation of tufted carpets and rugs, adding comfort and style to homes and commercial spaces.
  • Weaving Carpets/Rugs: For woven carpets and rugs, our yarns provide the durability and aesthetics that define quality.
  • Bath Rugs: In the world of bath rugs, our twisted yarns offer a touch of luxury and absorbency.
  • Prayer Rugs: Even in the most sacred of spaces, our yarns contribute to the comfort and reverence of prayer rugs.

The Power of Technology and Quality Control

Our twisting plant is a marvel of modern technology. With a monthly production capacity of 600 tons, it operates with precision and quality control at its core. We manufacture a range of polyester filament yarns, including bright, semi-dull, and full-dull variants, spanning from 600 denier to 10,000 denier. These yarns come in a variety of colors and are engineered with the technical characteristics needed to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our Promise to Excellence

Twisting isn't just a process; it's a craft, an art, and a promise. It's the promise of innovation that leads to new frontiers in textile applications. It's the promise of environmentally responsible practices that align with our commitment to the planet. It's the promise of quality that our customers have come to expect.