Versatile Denier Range for Every Need

Our ATY range caters to a diverse spectrum of applications with denier options ranging from 500 to 2500. Whether you require fine or robust yarn, we offer flexibility with denier per filament ranging from 0.5 to 6. This versatility ensures that our ATY is perfectly suited for a wide array of textile products.

Raw White & Dope Dyed Brilliance

Choose from the timeless appeal of Raw White or the vibrant hues of Dope Dyed ATY to bring your creative visions to life. Our ATY is available in both options, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality in your textiles.

Precision Measured Bobbins

Consistency is key in textile production, and our ATY exemplifies this principle. Each metered bobbin is meticulously crafted to ensure equal length, eliminating variations and facilitating smooth, hassle-free weaving or knitting processes.

Texture Variety to Suit Your Vision

Texture plays a pivotal role in the look and feel of textiles. Our ATY offers a range of texture options to cater to your specific needs:

  • Twisted: For a classic twist that adds depth and character to your textiles.
  • Wool Feel: Embrace the warmth and comfort of wool with our wool feel ATY.
  • Cotton Feel: Achieve the softness and breathability of cotton, perfect for various applications.
  • Normal Feel: Versatile and adaptable, ideal for a wide range of textile products.

Shrinkage Options for Precise Control

Tailor your textiles with precision using our ATY, available in various shrinkage options:

  • High Shrinkage: With a maximum shrinkage of 25%, this ATY allows you to create textured and dynamic fabrics.
  • Low Shrinkage: For applications where minimal shrinkage (1.5%) is essential, ensuring stability and consistency.
  • 0% Shrinkage: Harness the power of autoclave heat set technology to achieve fabrics with zero shrinkage, meeting the most demanding requirements.

At PT Mutu Gading Tekstil, we are dedicated to providing textile solutions that empower creativity and quality. Our ATY – Air Textured Yarn – is a testament to our commitment to innovation, versatility, and precision. Elevate your textile creations with ATY that goes beyond expectations.