A Revolution in Sustainability

EcoRevive Threads are more than just a product; they represent a revolution in sustainability. The fabrics made from our revolutionary EcoPet yarns embody both the colors green and blue simultaneously. This unique feat is achieved by producing EcoPet yarns from post-consumer PET plastic bottle waste while using a state-of-the-art technology that conserves water to an unprecedented degree. Not a single drop of water is used in the coloring process. This innovation allows us to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and conserving our planet's precious water resources.

100% GRS Certified

Our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility is solidified by our 100% GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification. This certification recognizes our product's compliance with the highest industry standards for recycled materials. It underscores our commitment to reducing waste, reusing valuable resources, and minimizing the environmental footprint of the textile industry.

A Range of Possibilities

EcoRevive Threads offer a broad range of possibilities for eco-conscious fashion and textile industries. Our product range for recycled polyester textured yarn spans from 75 to 4000 denier, ensuring that these eco-friendly materials can meet a wide array of needs. Whether you're designing clothing, accessories, or home textiles, EcoRevive Threads provide the ideal solution to merge sustainability with style.

EcoPet Plus: Pioneering Biodegradability

Among our innovative products, EcoPet Plus yarn stands as a testament to our commitment to eco-conscious innovation. It is not only produced from post-consumer PET plastic bottles but is also biodegradable. This remarkable achievement reflects our dedication to reducing plastic waste in landfills and combating plastic pollution in our oceans.

The Power of Patented Additive Technology

The magic behind EcoPet Plus lies in patented additive technology. This revolutionary additive allows PET fibers to degrade, significantly accelerating the biodegradation process. While standard PET fibers hardly degrade significantly, our biodegradable polyester yarn degrades by more than 90% in both aerobic (seawater) and anaerobic environments (sewage sludge and landfill) in a short period of time, according to long-term tests conducted following ASTM D5511 and ASTM D6691 standards.

A Sustainable Future Beckons

EcoRevive Threads by PT. Mutu Gading Tekstil are not just materials; they are a commitment to a sustainable future. They empower eco-conscious fashion and textile industries to create products that are not only stylish but also environmentally responsible. Our innovations in recycling and biodegradability showcase the transformative potential of eco-friendly materials in addressing pressing global challenges. With EcoRevive Threads, you can be part of the solution, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious world. Your journey toward eco-conscious fashion and textiles begins here.