A World of Color, One Yarn at a Time

We specialize in producing space-dyed yarns, where a single yarn strand transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues. Our space dyeing process allows us to create mesmerizing multi-color effects within a single yarn. We offer the flexibility to customize color lengths, ranging from a short 2 centimeters to an expansive 20,000 centimeters, with variable space lengths. Our Space Dyeing machines from Superba are specially tailored for carpet applications.

The Modern Carpet Industry's Choice

Space Dyed Polyester Yarn is the latest trend in the carpet industry, and PT. Mutu Gading Tekstil is at the forefront of this creative wave. Modern carpet manufacturers are embracing this technology to produce classic design carpets that stand out from the rest. Our space-dyed yarns bring depth, richness, and uniqueness to carpet creations.

Excellence in Production

At MUTUGADING, we take pride in using the Superba space dyeing machine, known for its precision and high technology. This fully automated marvel ensures that our dyed patterns are not only visually stunning but also consistent in length. The absence of knots in our yarn packages adds to the efficiency and ease of use for carpet manufacturers.

Quality that Lasts

Quality is paramount, especially in carpet applications. Our commitment to excellence extends to the dyes we use. We employ high-quality dyes that offer exceptional color fastness, a crucial aspect of ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of carpets.

Color Beyond Imagination

In the world of textiles, color is an essential part of the creative palette. With space dyeing, we go beyond imagination, bringing boundless possibilities to the textile industry. From carpets that tell a vivid story to textiles that dazzle with a myriad of shades, our space-dyed yarns unlock a world of design possibilities.